İznik and Delft Blue for Istanbul

Iznik and Delft Blue for Istanbul
– The recognition of a shared cultural background of Holland and Turkey –


2012 was the year of celebrating the 400 years of international collaboration between Turkey and Holland. As a beautiful finish of the year, Art Collective OnTheSand has presented a cultural highlight by re-painting the stones in the Bahariye street in style of Iznik and Delft Blue.

Professional artists and art students from both coutries have been painting the stones in only 5 days time: from the 10th until the 15th of December 2012.

As a result, the cultural connection between Holland and Turkey has become a daily part of the streetlife in Istanbul, of which both nationalities can be proud.

… He imagined what the Bahariye street in Istanbul could loook like, if we’d only combine our cultural strengths as countries. Turning the streetview from black stones to Iznik and Delft Blue characteristics, should light up the street, and would honour the shared cultural background of both countries. Just imagine!



One thought on “İznik and Delft Blue for Istanbul

  1. Great idea to bring artists together to show the world that holding a relation between countires is not only materialistic but it also is very much depending of the people with good heart and good will.. Keep being role modeling to the rest of the world .